Play Store Download For iPhone

Play Store Download For iPhone: Every smartphone owner knows how apps can make your phone usage easier. Some apps like games are just fun to have on your phone.

Play Store Download For iPhone
Play Store Download For iPhone

Most smartphones with Android operating system come with some pre-installed apps. Among these apps is the Google play store app. The Google play store provides the phone user with a platform to download other amazing apps.

These days there is an app for virtually anything. Most businesses are embracing the trend of creating an app to enable their customers and potential customers to access their services with ease.

Some apps like WhatsApp and Skype make communication easier and cheaper since most of their services are free as long as your internet connection.

The Google Play Store enables you to access most of these apps with ease. In the Google Play store, there are both the free apps and paid apps.

The apps also have reviews from customers who have tried the apps before. These will enable you to choose between two different apps that provide the same services.

Enough said about the apps, as mentioned earlier, Android phones come with the Google Play Store App pre-installed.

But the case is different for iPhone users. The Google Play store was initially made for devices with an Android version above 2.3 and not iOS.

However, to access Google services with a device having iOS, you can install them from the Apple App store.

For the iPhone users, here is a guideline on how to download Google Play Store on an iPhone.

How to download Play Store For iPhone ?

  1.  On your iPhone, open the Safari.
  2.  Visit the website
  3.  This will give you access to the Open App Market which is an app store.
  4.  You will see the option to Tap Below. Click on it and tap on option of Add to Home Screen.’
  5. On your home screen, you will see the OpenAppMarket app store.


Steps to download Play Store Download For iPhone

  1. From your home screen, tap on the openappmarket app to open it. This will direct you to their website.
  2. On their website, tap on the search button
  3. Type in the words “Google Play Store” in the search box.
  4. This will direct you to the apps page where you will have access to all the apps available
  5. Tap on the Google Play Store icon
  6. Click on the option of Install app
  7. Wait for the Google Play Store app to load on your phone



When you download the Google Play Store app, an icon of the Google Play Store appears. To access the play store, tap on the icon. You can now access all the apps from your iPhone.


If you have never used the Google play store before, you are missing out on a lot. The play store is like a supermarket for apps, only that most of the apps are free. It is quite easy to download an app from the play store. Here is the basic guideline on how to download any app from the Google Play Store:

  1. Tap on the Google play store icon on your home screen
  2. This will lead you to the google play store website
  3. You can now access all the apps available; both the free apps and the apps on sale
  4. On the upper side of the right corner of the webpage, there is an icon that will enable you to search for anything you are looking for.
  5. Tap on that icon and a Dropbox is made available.
  6. On the space available, type in the name of the app you are looking for
  7. Then tap on the search icon on your keyboard
  8. All the available apps with that name will appear as a list. Including the apps which are related to the one you are searching for, and the apps which provide the same services like the one you are searching for.
  9. Your app is likely to be at the top of the list provided, or among the top five items on the list provided
  10. Tap on the icon representing the app of interest
  11. Click on the Download option and wait for your desired app to load on your iPhone

We recommend that if you don’t have sufficient information about an app, you can check out the reviews available on the play store web page.

You can also use the overall rating out of five stars to choose between two apps that provide the same services.

The google play store is easy to deal with, and you can sync it with your email so you can automatically access it on your iPhone with ease. Don’t miss out on the great apps available on the app store yet they are just one click away.

As stated earlier, there is an app for virtually everything. Apps are there to make our lives easier. For example, there is an app to help you access loans quickly and at lower interest rates as compared to bank loans, there is an app that enables you to sell your products via your online store.

This will improve and personalize the communication between the sellers and buyers.

There are also apps with games where you can play online or download them to your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime you want.

The most famous among these is the Pokemon Go which is a game that has been trending for some time this year. Apps have also increased the value of most phones by providing more and easier options to the iPhone users.

In short, apps mostly contribute to enjoyable and satisfying user experience.

Apps are here to stay and with each passing day, new apps appear. With the world changing to digital, apps have contributed majorly to new inventions.

For example, there is an app that enables you to control your car or to track your vehicle from wherever you are! Get yourself the Google Play Store on your iPhone and experience the world in a whole new way.