Creative Ways to Start a Kik Chat

Whether you are a pro at Kik or you just started, you would always be looking for newer and more creative ways to start a Kik chat. After all, people don’t want to listen to the same jokes again and again. In order to stand out, you must start your conversation in a unique manner. Here, in this post, we are providing you some of our best tips to start a Kik chat. You can make use of them when you run out of the ways in your mind.

  1. Use an Emoji

This is by far the easiest way to get noticed. If you send just a “Hi”, you might not get a response. Even if you send a “Hi” with a regular smiling face, you might sound too needy. The best possible use of emojis that you can make in this regard is to send a funny emoji. Most of the times, people would want to know why you used that particular emoji. If you can’t think of anything else, just say that it is your favorite emoji. This would certainly give a good start to your Kik chat.

  1. Tell about your Day

Get a story ready and tell how a funny incident happened with you that particular day. And then ask about the other person’s day. Most people like to talk about themselves. So, once you fuel the Kik chat and let the other person talk afterwards, your chat would grow and get a direction. Also, when you ask someone about their day, it clearly indicates that you care enough to know about it.

  1. Knock Knock Jokes

Though it is a classic, people still fall for it. If you happen to come across people who get your jokes, there can be nothing better than that. An awesome idea would be to start your Kik chat with an amazing Knock Knock joke. If you can, relate the joke with the username of the other person. It would make them think that you have a really good sense of humor and you can keep the conversation going.

  1. Ask for an Advice

It has to be a very simple thing which the other person can answer instantly without giving much thought to it. For example, you can ask “Going to a party tonight. Should I wear Red or Black?” This way, you start a conversation with a random stranger in the most fun way possible. Plus, you get to know their choices in the first question itself. Just make sure you don’t ask too difficult questions in the beginning otherwise you might not get a response and this trick will backfire.

  1. Use the Song Lyrics

There are many songs which you can use to start a Kik chat. Choose a popular song which the other person is aware of. Most of the times, when people read song lyrics, they respond with the next phrase of the song. And then you can ask the person if they like the song or not. This would again give a good start to your Kik chat.

  1. Emoji Games to the Rescue

You can look up the internet and either play emoji movie game or the emoji song games. Just send them emojis and ask them to guess the movie or the song. No matter they answer right or wrong, your Kik chat starts. And then later, you can provide them with your answer key.

  1. Why not Use GIFs

When Kik gives you an awesome option of sending GIFs to other people, why don’t you use it? Instead of sending a plain text, send a GIF. A GIF is certainly less than a picture and more than plain text. And since it is a new thing in the market, mostly people like it. However, make sure you don’t send a GIF too common, otherwise it might kill the mood. Send something subtle but interesting. We are pretty sure you would get a response to this Kik chat.

  1. Use the Hypothetical Questions

Ask them a funny yet interesting question like “If you were a power ranger, which one would you like to be?” No matter what they answer, just keep asking those reasons for it and then give them compliments when they answer. But, if they struggle to answer your questions, just change the topic of your Kik chat. This would keep the conversation going and would be a win-win situation for both the users.

You can also try and use various combinations of the creative ways discussed above. Also, don’t lose hope if you don’t get a reply by using one of the methods, you still have more. If you know any other ways to start a Kik chat, let us know in the comments section below. This would help your fellow users to start their Kik chats.