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Table of Contents

  • 1)Introduction
  • 2)What is 123movies App?
  • 3)Information about 123Movies?
  • 3.1)Quality
  • 3.2)Specification
  • 4)How does it work?
  • 5)Things should be noted before installing the app
  • 5.1)Security
  • 5.2)Legality
  • 6)How do I get the 123Movies?
  • 7)Final Touch



Are you looking for the free online movie streaming app? If yes then this article might help you to find the popular movie streaming app in the market. Most of the people around the world watching movies online. Online movie streaming becomes the habit of most of them as it has the mobility and allows you to enjoy your movie watching experience at anywhere and anytime.

With thousands of Movie streaming app available in the market, I would like to review One of the most streaming app “123Movies”. The 123Movies app is used by the wide range of people around the world.

2)What is 123movies App?

Probably you well known about the 123Movies. 123Movies app is an Online movie streaming app which allows you to watch the all latest movies. It comes with the various options such as viewing by category ,saving favorite movies for future and allows you to watch movies without registration.It is available as a mobile application which can be installed on your Android Mobile. It also can be streamed on the browser but some browser may not support this sitre due to some security issues.

3)Information About 123Movies App

3.1 )Quality

When coming to the quality, 123Movies app offers the high-quality movies similar almost similar to amazon and Netflix. When you streaming the movies on the app it will use more internet bandwidth rather than use on the browser. This 123Movies app almost supports all resolution mobile screens. The main feature of the app is it provides the HD-movies with less streaming speed. But it does not provides the latest movies with the HD resolution. You need to wait for more than a month to watch that particular movie in HD.


123movies app is well organized and simple. Its User-friendly design is easy to use. Anyone can understand and use the app without any complicity. This app offers various category movie genres such as Action, Horror, War,3D, and Hot movies.

It designed with the separate tabs for saving your favorite movies and TV shows which allow you to watch it on future. Especially for TV Shows you can able to save and keep your favorite episodes and you can search for the particular episode when you missed it. This app does not allows you to download full movies from the app.

4)How does it work?

123movies app is embedded with the cyber bloggers which stream the popular videos on the app. It allows the app to stream the content from Amazon Prime, NetFlix and DVD contents from the movies sites. Thus the 123Movies becomes the largest online streaming app. It has the ability to host the copy content as it does not have the copyright for the original content.

5)Things should be noted before installing the app

Certain things should be considered notes before you enter into the 123Movies sites on the browser or installing the app on the mobile. With the thousands of app available in the market, only few app has the copyrights. If you would like watch the movies on streaming sites then you should keeps the following things on your mind.


If you want to watch the movies on your browser, then you have considered about the security. It will show the viruses in the form of javascript alerts. Before watching the movie make sure whether the windows firewall on your computer is turned on or not. If you are using quality Internet security then you can use this 123movies site without any virus tension.

Similarly while using the app on a mobile phone it will show up a lot of the ads and virus alerts which may harmful to your device. If you click on the alerts and ads your device will be slow down. So it better to be aware of security violations.


If you ask like is 123movies is legal then my answer will be No. Only a few sites have the copyrights to broadcast the movies online. Using rest of the sites is illegal as they don’t have the original content. How to find the site is legal or not? Finding the site whether it is legal or illegal is quite simple. You can not find the contact us and relevant details on those sites.

When you watching the movies on the browser or app the browser or google permission will slow down your bandwidth as it is the illegal use of movies from the web. The browsers are developed with the 6 Strikes Law which makes the ISP monitors the internet usage. If the ISP founds that the site does not contain the copyrights then it will give a certain warning and decrease the usage of bandwidth automatically. But 123Movies assures that they are not able to share your information while other apps do.

6)How do I get the 123Movies app?

You can simply find the app on google play store by searching “123Movies app”. It will be shown in the name of Full Movie Online followed by the 123Movies launcher name. Press the install button and it will show up the permissions. Press the install button after reading the terms and conditions, the app will be installed on your device.

How to access this app on my computer?

You can also use this app on your computer by installing the emulators. A lot of emulators are available but I would suggest Bluestack emulator as the best choice. This stack will act as the android platform on your computer and you can install the 123Movies app. For using this site on browser simply enter into the 123movies app where you can find all features.

7)Final Words

Watching movies on 123Movies app will bring the awesome movie watching experience at any time. It is the best choice for someone who loves TV shows and series. The mobile app also needs less space in your mobile when compared to other streaming sites.Try this 123Movies app and dive into the high quality movie streaming at anywhere. I would suggest this 123Movies to someone who loves watching movies online and never bother about the security. I hope you enjoyed reading!

123movies apk: Step by Step Guide for Downloading and Installing 123movies app apk file

From where and How to Install and download 123movies apk?

  1. Download -123_movies apk.
  2. After getting the APK downloaded, you will be notified in the notification area.
  3. If only the APK is downloaded and not installed, you will have to use an APK installer / extractor to install and us the app on your mobile.
  4. After installing, you can open the app from the phone.
  5. Opening the app brings you to a beautiful interface where you can search for your favorite movie or TV series and proceed to watch it.
123movies front screen
123movies front screen

What is an 123movies .apk File?

Just like Windows (PC) systems use an .exe file for installing software, Android does the similar. An APK file is the file arrangement used for installing software on the Android operating system.

Why would I want to download or install an .apk File?

APK files of fresh Android forms are often leaked ahead of time, giving you initial entrée to all the exciting new features that or else wouldn’t be available to you. Also, some apps are limited to areas and outside of yours.

You can always find a good app from Play Store.

Otherwise, if the app is already installed and the icon is present in your screen, you can go to the next step without all the hassle of installing from the APK using an APK installer / extractor.

The way we consume mass media has changed massively. If you want to watch a film, you’re not just limited to the cinema and a TV display anymore. You can also stream it on laptop, tablet, or phone. By installing 123Movie App apk on your phone, you can be a part of this change.

123movies apk download

123movies apk download for 123movies app. On the off chance that there’s one staple of the vast majority of the general population’s lives, it’s Entertainment.

Films have been around since the 1920s, showing and entertaining the masses with types of idealism and narrating. Keeping in mind there’s nothing very as restful as really heading off to the motion picture theater to see a film, the at-home, at work and on the move theater experience is rapidly picking up pace.

Sorry about the big words. It’s all after I started watching Downtown Abbey for FREE on my SMARTPHONE. I’ll tell you how I do it in this article.

123movies app on the phone after downloading apk or on web?

Today, the simplest approach to do is watch films on the web. There are numerous sources that permit you to watch films on the web.

Some are free and some are paid services, however the things they have in like manner are simple access, moment satisfaction and aggregate comfort to shoppers.

While the services that have rent the physical DVD yet numerous buyers keep on emerging, the eventual fate of films at home has an immediate association with the Internet.

YouTube and Hulu and websites like 123movies are good examples. YouTube is free play store apps and permits its clients to upload video recordings of generally everything, given that it doesn’t encroach copyright.

In any case, the site has likewise begun to offer free motion pictures, despite the fact that the choice is diverse. Hulu additionally offers free gushing of current network shows and films.

In any case, after a specific date, accessible things changes to Hulu+ which is the organization’s own particular paying gushing administration. Then there’s 123Movies.

The portal offers a mega collection of movies in different categories for you to pick the all-time favorites or the latest movies that you have missed out in the movie theatres to watch from your own crib.

All the movies are 100% free to watch on 123movies where some may request you to create an account on the portal while other movies are played with just one click of a mouse.

How convenient can it be when you can watch movies from your phone?

Would you like to watch free films in HD in your Mobile Phone(s) and other versatile gadgets? Did you realize that it is simple to Watch HD Movies on the web?

In this orderly guide, I will demonstrate to you a generally accepted method to stream films in your mobile phone. Cell Phones permit you to play motion pictures effortlessly at late evenings without getting up from the bed.

They help clients discover data and search through various areas of site. Since Portable gadgets are so essential, they are constantly near us.

Attempting to have some entertainment while on the move or following a hard and exhausting day, these rundown of films App will astonish you with their stuff they contain.

Motion pictures dependably break that fatigue progression stream. So here I made a rundown of best Free Movie Apps for a flawless motion picture session on cell phones. Inspire prepared to spend a quality session with top of the line motion pictures spilling applications of the present time.

Aside from motion pictures or films, one can without much of a stretch sit down and watch TV series taking into account your desired genre. From recent years many new Apps are made and dispatched as often as possible. Numerous are accessible at Google play store while others could be downloaded from outside sources.

In this article, I will talk about one of the best apps available online to watch movies online.

Introducing You to 123Movies App

After films, 123Movies online is the second love of all film freaks. It is a truly great application that gives you a chance to watch films online that too in HD quality and download the same that too with no requirement for enlistments.

Drama, activity, adventure, Sci-fiction or frightfulness, what all you cherish you will get it on 123Movies online App. 123Movies online App is thought to be the best option for watching and downloading films and TV arrangement.

123Movies Online App is much the same as Megabox HD and some different motion pictures and TV indicates streaming application where you can observe every most recent film for nothing.