Play Store Download for Tablet

Google Play Store is usually on your tablet by default but you want Play Store Download For Tablet then you need to download it again if you accidentally uninstalled it or you want to use an older version or the latest one.

Downloading Play Store for tablet is easy as pie.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have your brand new Play Store downloaded on your tablet in seconds.

Play Store Download For Tablet
Play Store Download For Tablet

How to Download Play Store for tablet?

Step One: Find Your Current Play Store Version

For downloading a new version of Google Play Store, first you need to check what version you’re using currently. To check this, go to the  Settings’ in your Google Play Store App’. There you’ll see the number of your current version. If you don’t have any Play Store downloaded on your tablet currently then just skip this step.

Step Two: Enable Unknown Sources’

Find the Unknown Sources’ on your tablet in the Security’ option in Settings’. Unknown Sources means that you allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Usually, you need this to be switched off to keep your tablet safe from any damages, but you’ll need it now to install the new version of Google Play from unknown sources.

It usually looks grey when it’s disabled and green when enabled. Just click on it and make sure it’s enabled. By enabling this you’ll be able to install and use the new version of Google Play Store on your tablet. Now, you checked your current version, enabled unknown sources and you’re ready to install the new version.

Step Three: Download an Android Application Package (APK)

APK is the format used by Android to distribute mobile apps. You can only install an app with the help of APK, so the next step is to download it.

Be careful and only download APK from sources you trust e.g. popular blogs or official Android sites. Downloading an APK from a source you don’t trust might lead to damaging your tablet’s system.

If you don’t want to download an APK or you want to use Play Store only on your tablet or tablet, here’s a website you can use for downloading Play Store:

Step Four: Click Below download google play store apk.


In this step, you need to open a browser e.g. Google Chrome and click on above blue link , you’ll be able to find all versions of Google Play Store. Now, select the version you want to download.

You can select it based on the number you checked in the first step. If you need an earlier version, select a Play Store that has a lower version number. If you want to install a newer version, select one that has a higher number.

E.g. you have Google Play Store 6.0.2. currently on your tablet then you want to install Google Play Store 6.9.15. version. So select the one you want and click on it.

Generally, the latest version is on the top of the list, so if you don’t want to spend your time and energy figuring out which version you need, just download the one on top.

Another website you could choose instead of is the website of XDA Developers Forum. In case you have any problems accessing APK mirror, try the other one. Both of these websites are popular and great sources of Play Store.

Step Five: Check the Descriptions

After clicking on this button, you’ll see detiled description of this version of Play Store. You can check what type of device it is compatible with, how many people have downloaded it already, etc.

These information can be useful to avoid downloading something suspicious or downloading a Play Store that’s not compatible with your tablet.

Step Six: Choose Download

At the bottom of this page, you have two options. One is Get it on Google Play Store’ and the other is Download’. Click on Download. Here you have a question of you want to open it with Google Chrome.

Your options are Only Once’ or Always’. The best option is to click on Only Once’ in case you want to use a different browser next time.

It will ask a question from you This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep it anyway?’ This question pops up because it’s an unknown source for your system and it want to warn you that it might damage your tablet. Keep calm and click on OK! It’s a well known site that can be trusted.

Step Seven: Install Play Store to Your Tablet

If you chose the APK download option, find the APK that you’ve just downloaded and click on it. Usually, it is in the My Files’ folder.

If it’s asking you which app you want to use, select the installer. The last step here is to install the file. It might take a few seconds to install it but be patient.

If you went with the option, just follow the instructions of the downloading process. The next question would be: Do you want to install an update to this built-in application?

Your existing data will not be lost. The updated application will have access to:’ and you have two options here: New or All. You’re lucky because this app doesn’t require permission so the only thing you need to do is to click on install.

The next question in the installing process is Allow Google to regularly check device activity for security problems and prevent or want about potential harm. Learn more in the Google Settings app.’

Here you have two options again: Decline or Accept. Choose accept as it will help you keep your tablet safe from security problems and potential harm.

At the end of the installing process, you get a message from Google Play Store saying that App is installed. You can click on Done and finish the process or you can click on Open and open your new Play Store.

If you want to check if it was successful or you want to download an app immediately, click on Open.

Step Eight: Fix problems

You have successfully installed the latest version of Google Play Store. Now you need to make sure that you let Google Services Framework communicate with Play Store to fix problems in the future.

You can do this by going to the Settings’ again and in Google Play Store tap Clear cache. Do it also in Google Play services.

These easy steps should help you downloading Google Play Store for your tablet. The most typical problems are that you forget to enable Unknown Sources or you want to download a Play Store that is not compatible with your device.

Make sure to follow these steps one by one and you’ll have no problems with downloading the latest Play Store for your tablet.