Play Store Download for Android

Play Store Download for Android :All Android users remember 2008 when all users got an access to the Android Market. Without any doubts, it was the main source of apps for Android devices .

Play Store Download For Android
Play Store Download For Android

But in 2014 we were able to see some changes. Because 2014 was a year when Google Play replaced Android Market. I think you are here to know everything about play stores for Android and now I will share with you something very interesting and useful.

The first good news: Google has the most liberal policy. It means that there are numerous services that don’t have any connection with Google , these services can help you to download programs for Android.

But now you can ask me about viruses. All we know that only official stores can guarantee that we won’t pick up viruses.

I have already told you that Google is the most liberal play market. It lets users choose among different play stores. By the way, this fact we can admit as the first advantage!

“Kind” Google policy

Apple, for example, has a very strict policy. I think you know that Apple makes us choose only App Store. There are no alternatives because Apple blocks each opportunity to download apps from other sources.

Google decided to be not so strict . In my opinion (you can agree with it or argue with me), Google decided to be so “kind” in order to make Android devices more popular.

If you are an Android user, you know that there is an option Google Play in your device. Yes, it is so, but you can always block it and choose something else.

I noticed that a lot of people don’t even know that they have an opportunity to download another play store. Be careful here because Google doesn’t have such a high-security level as App Store has.

I can remind you scandal which was in 2011. When Android Market had 56(!) viruses. Actually, Google promised to correct it and they really did everything to change this situation. Nevertheless, after this situation, we can’t be sure that it will never happen again.

Negative side of fame

Fame has two sides: positive and negative. So, when Android became the most popular operating system it always got a lot of attacks.

Users have already noticed some problems with mobile apps. The most popular complaint is that app doesn’t have functions that it should have.

I also faced with such situation and I suppose that you also had such a sad experience. It proves that we should have more knowledge about alternatives play stores!

TOP 7 Play Stores for Android

#7 Alternative To

What interesting can we tell about this service? Let’s start with advantages. First of all, this service contains not only Android soft and free programs.

This project had the main aim: to provide all personal computers with soft. That’s why nowadays we can here apps for all operation systems and plugins for different browsers.

The second advantage is a simple website. To find something you should just write what are you searching for!

#6 Antiroid

In fact, Antiroid isn’t a store, it’s a searching system. It lets you search In Google Play free alternatives of expensive apps. Antiroid is a very useful service.

When we try to find in Google Play some alternative of famous expensive programs, in the beginning, we can see only demo versions. And Android helps us to find the most appropriate variants.

#5 Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market is a very functional service! It is an app store, YouTube download manager, contacts editor, desktop Windows manager and much else. Moreover, it is very easy to use this service.

The searching process is a very simple and also you will be bale to see recommendations for all apps.

#4 SlideMe

This app store, first of all, is the best place where you can find free e-books. SlideMe developers underline that this service has no viruses and guarantee you 100% security.

#3 F-Droid

F-droid library consists of free apps. Here you can also receive security guarantees. You can be sure that this service is free from viruses or some other harmful functions.

This app has a totally simple interface. But here the word “simple” doesn’t have a positive meaning. Unfortunately, F-Droid has no categories or filters.

#2 Yandex.Store

One of the biggest Android market which is very popular especially among Russian users. Here publication scheme is the same with Google one: developer downloads a product and checks this product with help of Kaspersky Antivirus.

Yandex. Store interface reminds Google Play. Here you will find cards with program’s descriptions and recommendations. If you want to download soft you should create Yandex account.

#1 Amazon Appstore

And now it is time for our ultimate winner. The first Google Play alternative is actually Amazon Appstore. I think Amazon Appstore and Google Play are the main competitors.

To have an access to this service you should download it. The interface here is a very clear. There are few ways to sort results here: according to the novelty, an average user rating, and price. Also, you will be able to see user’s reviews and recommended programs.


Personally, I think it’s great that Google decided to give an opportunity to choose. We have a wide range of different services that offer us a lot of interesting apps and programs.

Some alternative services are even better than Google Play. We have already mentioned the main disadvantage of Google Play and it is a security problem.

Don’t forget how dangerous viruses are for all types of devices! Google Play developers, actually, work with this problem but nowadays we can’t see clear results.

And I think that’s a great opportunity for small services that can replace this giant. Even now we can see that Amazon Appstore, according to some rankings, is more popular than Google Play.

That’s why nowadays we can say that diversity is very important. I also have to admit that a lot of new services aren’t perfect. For example, some services have very poor interfaces. The main cause, in my opinion, is a finance problem. Small companies can’t provide us with the best quality.

Such giants as Google Play and Amazon Appstore can offer is perfect interfaces and offer us the comfortable searching process.

When we start working with some app we should pay attention to the most important features such as:

1) security

2) products

3) comfortable interface

4) comfortable searching process.

When we sure that all these criteria are complete, then we can finally choose which service fits us the best. Use only high-quality services in order to prevent different problems with viruses which are very dangerous!

Make a choice and enjoy your favorite Android apps!