iMessage for PC: Download and Use it on Desktops with Ease

iMessage for PC is something every desktop user can relate to. Be it using the same over Windows or adding it to any PC with Android or Linux functionality— iMessage is something that works like a charm.

Over the past few weeks, a lot of individuals have been asking about techniques to use iMessage for PC and anything that’s remotely close to being a computer. This application has been immensely popular with the Mac users and it’s no surprise that people are looking to add the same into the world of PCs.

What is iMessage for PC?

Before talking about iMessage for PC, we need to understand what the app actually is and what all it can do. In simpler terms, iMessage is one of the very few instant messaging clients dedicated towards Mac and iPhone users.

When it comes to compatibility, iMessage works on any device that offers iOS 5 and onwards or OS X Mountain Lion and the higher versions. This Apple centric product allows us to send media, texts and other information across multiple devices— just like WhatsApp and some of the other well-known clients.

Each and every message is encrypted which can then be traced backed using receipts. There is also a provision for group chat in iMessage. Usually, the messages are sent over Wi-Fi and any other form of internet connection and SMS charges aren’t levied.

When it comes to the technology, iMessage brings forth Apple’s Push Notifications via the binary protocol. Every connection comes with a code— unique to the set of devices using the same number. Encryption on the other hand is initiated via TLS technology using client-side certificate.

Why to Use iMessage for PC?

There are many reasons why one should consider using iMessage for PCs and desktops. This app is extremely functional and its association with Apple automatically makes it a force to reckon with. Here is some of the most genuine reasons for getting iMessage downloaded on a PC:

  1. Messages can be sent without costing anything as iMessage cuts out third-party avenues with precision.
  2. Everything, starting from delivery reports to receipts can be availed— making communication easier than ever.
  3. For iOS empowered devices, iMessage is built-in and PC users can therefore have glimpse of the same via their friends who own an iPhone or even a Mac.

Therefore, iPadian iMessage is something every PC user should look to have and in the subsequent sections we have detailed a few techniques for the same.

How to Get iMessage for PC?

There are a few hacks for downloading and using iMessage for Windows and other operating systems, other than Mac OS. These techniques have been tested on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 devices followed by compatibility tests on Linux. iMessage for chromebooks with also be discussed in a separate article.

Via ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’

Step 1- For following this step one would require two gadgets— one Mac with built-in iMessage and one standard Windows powered PC.

Step 2- Once the machines are ready, download Chrome— precisely for both the devices. In addition to that, one also needs to download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 3- Once concluded, there will be an array of instructions to look at on both the devices— allowing the PC users to enjoy iMessage on the Windows powered machine.

Note: It is important to know that the Chrome Remote Desktop is one third party getaway via which one user can access another computer— precisely using the Chrome browser. This is why it is easier to get iMessage for Chromebook. However, there will be a common code generated for both the devices and the user must enter the same correctly.

Via iPadian Emulator

Step 1- Download the free emulator and install the same on the Windows PC.

Step 2- Once installed run the emulator and readily accept the existing terms and conditions upon reading.

Step 3-  The iPadian software need to be launched and when usable type iMessage in the existing search bar.

Step 4- This application then needs to be installed over the emulator and is therefore ready to be used via the iPadian emulator.

Via Bluestacks

Step 1- Download the popular Bluestacks emulator from the official website.

Step 2- Install the same and then launch the emulator.

Step 3- Follow the same procedure as the iPadian emulator and search for iMessage from the existing list of applications.

Step 4- Download and install the same and one can then use the same via the Bluestacks emulator.

What are the Benefits Offered by iMessage for PC?

It is great to see that most PC users have the luxury of using iMessage even without the Mac or iPhone. There were times when applications like these were specifically restricted to the iPads but now we have certain strategies to use them over devices with diverse operating platforms.

The best option, however, is to make use of Chrome Remote Desktop as its compatible with Android, Linux and even the Chrome operating systems. Trust me, iMessage is one of the best messaging apps known to mankind. If this app is used, you, as a user won’t be depending on any other instant messaging option.

Lastly, iMessage leverages internet connectivity and additional charges are not levied, under any circumstances.

Bottom Line

iMessage steals the show with its wide-repertoire of functional features. Be it offering a host of messaging options or coming forth with brilliant customizations— iMessage is something that can be used across multiple platforms with ease.

In the previous sections, we learnt how to download and use iMessage for PC— regardless of the operating system on display. However, using the same via an emulator might be tricky as the application is subject to crashing at times.

Apart from that, Android users— working with smartphones and tablets can also use iMessage via a new third party option— known as the PieMessage which is also on kind of emulator and allows one to use iMessage for Android. We will be discussing about that in the subsequent articles. Till then, sit back and enjoy iMessage on Windows PC and other desktops.