Using an e commerce website plays an important role in the life of a person who is conscious about online shopping. Once you head to use an e commerce website by registering yourself in that website, your important details are required in that e commerce website in order to register you. Once you have been registered in a particular e commerce website, there will be a lot of notifications and important updates that will be sent to you in different ways. This news are to keep you notified about the events taking place in a certain e commerce website; therefore let’s find out the ways in which e commerce websites keep you updated. 

Remember, when you’re registered in an e commerce website, your email is created. This email is then used to provide every kind of news regarding that e commerce website. With the help of emails, different products are advertised which are usually mobile phones, cloths as well as fashion items. The update of sales on different products is also delivered on the emails. The facility of emails saves people from opening e commerce websites or applications again and again to check out is a special sale on items has started or not. Emails are also used to inform users about a new product that is launched in a particular e commerce website, so the users can check the advantages of that newly launched product. 

E commerce websites use mobile numbers to deliver important messages to the users about different sessions that take place in an e commerce website. These sessions are usually known as Black Friday in which mega sales of different products are available. Mobile numbers are importantly used to notify users because Black Friday is something that people wait consciously every year. Also deals on different products such as “by one get one free” are advertised with the help of mobile numbers. People don’t usually check for new stuff taking place on e commerce websites but if this stuff is beneficial, they utilize it; therefore numbers are used to notify people about deals, discounts and coupons which can save their money easily. 

E commerce websites use social media pages in order to interact with users. Any kind of special sale, offer, package or discount will be uploaded on the page. You can also message on the page and an automatic message will appear which will be telling you about a certain deal.  

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