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Subway Surfers Apk Latest Version

Subway surfers is an amazing game played by all age group, let it be kids or adults. Since the game is easy to understand and play it is played by many users. The game is all about running, in which the player runs to win each task or level. Making this game available on all operating platforms (android, iOS, windows, kindle etc) has made million users experience this addictive game!.

In this game we see one can choose its character, let it be male, female, and other characters provided in the game. The atmosphere we see in the game is about the characters in the game are been chased by an inspector on the cause of drawing on the walls of the station. So when they try to escape themselves from the inspector they keep running all the way collecting coins and special powers. These special powers make an individual win an award in the game else these powers might boost the energy also.Along with Subway Surfers apk you can also check out Videoder Apk and cartoon hd Apk along with wifi kill APK.


Features of  Subway surfers apk:

  • Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi or internet connection, as always described.
  • You can directly download it to your pc or on your android phone.
  • So select on to the suitable subway surfers version on your pc.
  • Once the apk file is been downloaded in your pc transfer it to your android phone. Also remember you must uninstall if any older versions of subway game present in your mobile.
  • Now check the apk file in your phone and click on the app to get installed.
  • Allow permissions for all downloads to take place and the installation is done!
  • Once the game is downloaded, you can find it in the menu icons available.

Download Subway Surfers Apk App 

So the player has to collect coins and rewards when been chased by the inspector or in the game arena. This chasing or running is an endless running till the task is achieved. We can find many obstacles coming up in order to disturb the player but the player can beat those obstacles by jumping up or left or right (basically swiping the character). And the game is finished either by wining tasks or by hitting to an obstacle.

The subway surfers apk comes with the latest version of 1.55.1 which was released on 12 of may 2016. The size this app covers is 56.9 MB. And the compatibility required is android 4.0+. According to the Google play store ratings; this game has ranked 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. The game comes with a famous tag line” DASH AS FAST AS YOU CAN, DODGE THE ONCOMING TRAINS”. This game is free to download only unlocking certain characters requires real money. This game comes with HD Quality graphics itself. Am pretty sure this game with colourful and HD graphics will surely amaze you.

Steps to Download, Install and Use the Subway Surfers APK For Android

1. Download .apk file by clicking the below provided link in to your pc.
2. Move that your APK file to your mobile phone.
3. Go to the file where you have got the file transferred in to your mobile and open it.
4. Ensure that you have allowed third part installations before getting the apk file installed in to your device.
5. To Ensure that third part installations just simply go to settings and then applications and then check a tick on the “Unknown Sources”.
Conclusion :
This is all about Subway Surfers APK Download Hope, you will like playing the game and having fun out of it. If you get any problems or issues while following our tutorial, then let us know in comments. We’ll try our best to fix them. Feel free to share this apk among your friends.
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