OkCupid Reviews : Free Online Dating app

Online dating can be tricky at times. There are quite a few dating sites available. Some of these are paid subscription websites, while some are free.

There are only a handful of free dating sites available, and OKCupid is one of the most popular, with a great reputation.

okcupid reviews

OKCupid is a fun and quirky dating site where you can meet a lot of people. Their dating pool is large since their services are excellent and everyone loves good free things.

The has a great profile and match system that allows you to search for people based on their age, where they are and what their expectations are in a relationship.

So what makes OKCupid unique?

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Every dating site has their own uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest and OKCupid is no different. So what sets OKCupid apart?

  1. · They have a fun matching system that allows you to create custom quizzes and tests in thousands of topics
  2. · They have Facebook integration. This allows OKCupid users to put their entire profile or just answer some of their quizzes on their Facebook page.
  3. · Matching of people based on their answers also extends past their dating potential. There is also the friends and enemies basis in-case you were looking for a friend or you are a superhero online looking for a nemesis.
  4. · Their stalker feature allows you to see who looked at your profile picture recently. Unlike on most of the other dating sites, this feature can be turned off.
  5. · They have this handy feature called the “FlagMod”. This allows users to have a look at other pictures that other users have deemed inappropriate or against the website terms of service, and decide whether the photos should stay or be removed.

What did we like about OKCupid?

OKCupid has a bunch of likeable things about it. First of all, it is free. This means that you access the site for free and use all the features on it without paying. It is also loads of fun and lets you filter your match search by location, preference and age.

We also liked that;

  1. · It is relatively easy to use. Signing up takes you all of 5 minutes and it is even less when you have a Facebook account.
  2. · Their privacy settings are excellent. This means you can filter what they share and your personal information is safe.
  3. · Their question matching system gives you the option of indicating how important or not that value is. This lets your potential match know how important certain things are; for example, how important it is that they must love dogs.
  4. · The profile questions and fun quizzes such as the nerd test are great ice breakers.
  5. · OKCupid have a full featured app that works well for IOS and Android.
  6. · You can personalize your searches and even add more parameters using the advanced search option
  7. · The site sometimes picks matches for you and you can see them by clicking the Quiver tab. This is fun especially if you are a risk taker. It is some sort of dating roulette
  8. · There are a lot of nifty little features that come with the site such as the option to hide people you are not attracted to so that they don’t appear in your searches again. You can also wink at people, send instant messages and the site supports anonymous browsing.

What we were not overly impressed with?

OKCupid ticks a lot of all the right boxes. However, we were not impressed with the fact that you have to pay a certain fee to remove ads, access better search options and turn off the stalker option.

Their matching system could also use a little tune up to bring it up to the sophistication and accuracy of bigger sites such as match.com

For a free dating website however, OKCupid is actually a really solid option. It is fun and easy to use, easy to register for and allows you to integrate your Facebook.

Download the Meetme apk app for android and iOS

Introduction of Meetme App

MeetMe is a new social messaging application that helps you to meet the people around you. It was formerly named MyYearbook.

The application is able to help you get in touch with the people around you who share your interests and are willing to begin chatting immediately.

meetme apk

There are more than 100 million people currently using MeetMe. It is the number 1 social application for meeting new people in the US right now.

What does this application do?

This social messaging application helps you to meet people who are in your vicinity. It has facilities through which you can get in touch with them, chat, set up meetings and a lot more.

To use this application, you can register through Facebook. You can also register directly within the application using your active email address. Once you register, you can proceed to set up your profile for other MeetMe users to see.

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You can upload your favorite photos and add descriptions of yourself too. In this way, the other users of the application can view your profile and decide if they want to learn a lot more about you.

MeetMe also gives you a newsfeed of the other users who are near you. This further assists you to find new friends who you can connect with.

How to use MeetMe and from where I can download meetme apk ?

After setting up the profile, you can begin the search for other MeetMe users who are close by. Simply look at their photos and read their profiles.

Once you do this, you can decide who you want to chat with. If you find someone who is interesting, click on their profile and begin a private chat with them.

Highly functional as a dating application, MeetMe is superb for helping you to know more people who are around you that you can have lots of fun with.

Click here to download meetme apk for android

Characteristics of the MeetMe application

MeetMe is an Android application. It requires that you have Android 2.2 or a more recent version. It is free to download. The MeetMe apk is only 31.1 MB in size. This is a compact size that does not take up a lot of memory on your phone.

This application was published on the 4th of October 2016. Its latest version is MeetMe You can download this apk from the Google Play Store. There are other independent Android application websites where you can download this application too.


This application has a number of dating games in it too. For example, MeetMe has a Blind Date game. This is where you can answer a number of questions and depending on your answers, you can be connected with a match.

In addition to that, there is an ‘Ask me’ feature. This one is where you can send questions anonymously to other users of the application. You can ask any type of questions that you want because they are not censored.

MeetMe gives you the opportunity to upgrade your profile too. This is done by accumulating Meetme credits.

You can purchase them directly or gain them by completing tasks such as logging into your profile daily or interacting with the other users on MeetMe. It is the ultimate dating and socialization application today.

Mocospace application – Discover and Meet new Friends


Mocospace is a new and unique chat application available today. It takes the concept of chat rooms and applies it in the modern era of smartphones and universally accessible connectivity.

It is a chat application that puts you in touch with literally thousands of people who are already online. There are 15 million people in MocoSpace.

mocospace app

Moreover, there are always thousands of people online at any given time. Mocospace allows you to chat with the people who are around you.

In addition to that, it allows you to send instant messages (IM) to your friends and also meet brand new ones in the chat rooms. The mocospace app is ideal for meeting new people and having lots of fun.

Its interface

MocoSpace has a clean and simple interface which has mutiple colors in it. Moreover, the buttons, profile pictures and chat spaces are placed within easy reach.

Everything is very well organized. This interface is capable of comfortably presenting a lot of information to you as the user. Once you download the application and log into MocoSpace, you are directed to a home screen.

On this screen, you can post your own picture and update your profile. In addition to that, you can view the profiles of other users in MocoSpace.

Tapping on the upper left side of the application takes you to a menu. By clicking on various options within it, you can gain access to various chat rooms, notifications and instant messages (IMs).

Overall, the interface of this application is easy to navigate and present information in an orderly way. MocoSpace also has some in-app games that you can enjoy.

How is MocoSpace unique?

The main unique feature of this application is that it combines the charm of traditional chat rooms with the excitement of modern social media plaforms.

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MocoSpace gives you access to a variety of chat rooms. They are organized according to categories. Examples of these categories are romantic preferences, ethnicity and even age.

There are very many chat rooms in MocoSpace. This is so as to appeal to a wide audience. Moreover, everyone will find a chat room where they feel comfortable and welcome.

To keep up with modern trends, MocoSpace allows you to share pictures, add new friends and send messages as well.

These activities can also be conducted from within the chat rooms. As such, it brings the feel of social media to a traditional method of online socialization.

There are interesting games that encourage interaction. For example, MocoSpace contains a game known as FriendShop. In this one, you can buy and sell other users in the social application.

There is also another game that is known as MatchMe. This one allows users to judge how attractive the other people in MocoSpace are. The games are highly addicting and fun to play.


There is no other social application that is as unique as MocoSpace. It is an ideal location for singles to meet and interact. Moreover, the sharing features make it a true social media platform while the chat rooms bring an old school feel to it.

MocoSpace is ideal for socialization today. By using a special plugin known as the Login2Info MocoSpace helper, you can effectively log into many Mocospace accounts at the same time. This helper plugin is completely free.