Top Way to find Kik Usernames

Kik has been connecting people all over the world since many years now. Regardless of your physical location, you can connect with another person across the globe. You start by texting and then you take it to the next level. The app is very popular because of its unique features. You cannot find a person by their real name. The only thing you can look up to on Kik is their username. So, this entire post is dedicated to Kik usernames and finding out various ways to look for more Kik usernames to chat with.

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Kik is a fun android app but you need to know your friends’ Kik username to make the most of it. Since the app works not by real names but by the Kik usernames, you should be aware of some username tricks. Here, we are presenting the best tips with the help of which you can search Kik usernames.

Use Kikfriends

Kikfriends is an amazing way to look for the username of a person you have been searching for. It is basically a website that you can visit to find out Kik usernames. No matter where your location is, this website would certainly help you.

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Please note that Kik messenger and Kikfriends are not related to each other. But still mostly people come to Kikfriends when they want to look for Kik usernames. You can apply filters as to what usernames you want. You can go for only guys or only girls or the online guys and many other such filters.

Using this website is also very easy. Just select your filter and you would see a huge list of Kik usernames popping up. You can then choose any one out of them and start texting.

Use Kkusernames

Kkusernames is yet another website which gives competition to Kikfriends. However, you have an advantage with this website. You can not only search and text with other users on Kik, but you can submit your own Kik profile here. This means that when another user searches for Kik usernames, your name might pop up and you would get friends to text with without doing anything. Isn’t that amazing?

Another amazing thing with using Kkusernames is that you get access to the snapchat usernames as well. So, you can connect on two platforms with the help of a single website.

Here also, you have options to select the gender of the usernames. And, you can also search by entering a part of the username manually. If you are looking for random people, you can just scroll and look for attractive profiles. Once you click on a username, you get a choice to text them immediately or to read their entire profile.

The only drawback that comes with using Kkusernames is that you would need to log in to your profile. Though some people might not take it as a bad thing, mostly people would not like to log in to their own profiles.

Use Kik Contacts

Kik Contacts is again nothing but an excellent website to help you find Kik usernames. You can look for the usernames based on age, location, gender or any criteria that you want. In addition to that, you get an extra-ordinary benefit here. You get to advertise your profile. This way, users would be able to contact you directly.

And the best part is that this advertisement will be sent to each user separately. However, you will need to register yourself with the website to access all the awesome features. But if you want our opinion, it is definitely worth it. You would get new friends and you never know which friendship changes your life.

Since you know many ways to look up for Kik usernames now, you can go for any of them. Also, you can try all of them. Mostly users register themselves with one of the websites only. So, if you want to expand your horizon and talk to as many people as you want, it would be a good idea to give all the websites a try. Who knows where you find an awesome match and then you would be thanking Kik forever.

As a final tip, make use of all the filters provided by the various websites. It would narrow down your choices and you would be less confused. After all, you aim is to text people, not just to find usernames and then leave it there. If you have plans to meet up later with your Kik contacts, you can set up location filter. And if you don’t want to talk to very elderly or way too young people, you can set up the age filter.

If you have any doubts in using any of the websites to find Kik usernames, you can write to us in the comments section below. We would resolve your queries as soon as possible. Also, share with us if you know any other methods to find out Kik usernames.

What are Kik Groups and how you can be a part of them?

Kik groups are nothing but chat rooms where people of similar interests can talk and share their views. This is not like a normal chat but a group chat where there would be more than two participants. Before the term public group came in, the Kik groups were popular by the name hashtags and it was then that people were crazy about it.

If you have an interest, for example, you are interested in Pokémon Go. And you want to look for other people who are interested in Pokémon Go, all you have to do is, type #PokemonGo in the search bar and see the magic. You would see a group with similar name and you can just jump into the conversation.

Public and Private Kik Groups

There are two types of Kik groups. The public ones and the private ones. When a group is public, anybody on the Kik platform can jump in and join the group. However, if you want only a particular set of friends to join the group and don’t want any interference, you can go for a private group. Keep in mind that when you create a private group, you have full control over the group. You decide who joins and who does not.

However, if you think you can do just about anything in public groups, you are wrong. There are certain community standards set by the Kik community and you have to be complaint to them. Otherwise, Kik might ban you from the groups. And if get banned very often, they might take some serious action against you. Better play safe and go through the community guidelines.

What you can do with Kik Groups

  1. Though there is a limitation on the number of groups you can create at a time, you get awesome features when you join groups. It is an amazing experience, so make sure you live it. Within a time period of 24 hours, you can create as many as 3 groups. To create a 4th group, you need to go beyond 24 hours.
  2. You can create a group of your interest. And then wait for people to join the conversation.
  3. You can search for a group and then join the discussion.
  4. When you join a group and start a conversation, you would notice that Kik provides badges to group members. Even that is fun.
  5. If you think a group is not right or is not filling the community standards, you also have the power to report it to the Kik community. And if it is your group and someone is not behaving, you can report group members as well.

How to Start a Private Kik Group

A private Kik group is where the owner has full control over who joins and who doesn’t. So, if you want such a group, follow the below steps to create it.

  1. First of all, go to the + icon.
  2. Then, click on the “start a Group” button.
  3. You will get an option to add which friends you want in the group. You can make multiple selection here. Just tick the friends you want and leave the rest.
  4. Though it is not mandatory, you can choose a group picture and a group name.
  5. On the top right, there would be a “start” button. Just tap on it.
  6. And voila, the private group is ready. Happy private texting!

How to Start a Public Kik Group

The basics of starting a private and public group are same. The difference comes only when you have to select who joins the group. So, follow the below steps if you want to start a public group on Kik.

  1. First of all, click on the + icon.
  2. Then, choose the option “Public Groups”.
  3. Again, tap the + icon.
  4. Then again you get the option to select a picture and the name for the group. We would advise you to add it this time because you actually want your group to appear attractive so that people can join. Also, you have to think of a # name for your group.
  5. You can invite friends you want to the group. You can also skip this step if you are not concerned what friends should join the group.
  6. Then, click on “Start”.
  7. And your public group is ready. Happy Public texting!

There is also an option to share the Kik code of the group. It is an amazing feature if you know how to use it. First of all, you have to open the group conversation and then click on the Group name. You will see an option “Show Kik code”. Click on this option. There, you would find the share option besides it. Once you share it on your profile, you friends can scan the code and join the group.

Let us know your views about the Kik groups in the comments section below.

iMessage for PC: Download and Use it on Desktops with Ease

iMessage for PC is something every desktop user can relate to. Be it using the same over Windows or adding it to any PC with Android or Linux functionality— iMessage is something that works like a charm.

Over the past few weeks, a lot of individuals have been asking about techniques to use iMessage for PC and anything that’s remotely close to being a computer. This application has been immensely popular with the Mac users and it’s no surprise that people are looking to add the same into the world of PCs.

What is iMessage for PC?

Before talking about iMessage for PC, we need to understand what the app actually is and what all it can do. In simpler terms, iMessage is one of the very few instant messaging clients dedicated towards Mac and iPhone users.

When it comes to compatibility, iMessage works on any device that offers iOS 5 and onwards or OS X Mountain Lion and the higher versions. This Apple centric product allows us to send media, texts and other information across multiple devices— just like WhatsApp and some of the other well-known clients.

Each and every message is encrypted which can then be traced backed using receipts. There is also a provision for group chat in iMessage. Usually, the messages are sent over Wi-Fi and any other form of internet connection and SMS charges aren’t levied.

When it comes to the technology, iMessage brings forth Apple’s Push Notifications via the binary protocol. Every connection comes with a code— unique to the set of devices using the same number. Encryption on the other hand is initiated via TLS technology using client-side certificate.

Why to Use iMessage for PC?

There are many reasons why one should consider using iMessage for PCs and desktops. This app is extremely functional and its association with Apple automatically makes it a force to reckon with. Here is some of the most genuine reasons for getting iMessage downloaded on a PC:

  1. Messages can be sent without costing anything as iMessage cuts out third-party avenues with precision.
  2. Everything, starting from delivery reports to receipts can be availed— making communication easier than ever.
  3. For iOS empowered devices, iMessage is built-in and PC users can therefore have glimpse of the same via their friends who own an iPhone or even a Mac.

Therefore, iPadian iMessage is something every PC user should look to have and in the subsequent sections we have detailed a few techniques for the same.

How to Get iMessage for PC?

There are a few hacks for downloading and using iMessage for Windows and other operating systems, other than Mac OS. These techniques have been tested on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 devices followed by compatibility tests on Linux. iMessage for chromebooks with also be discussed in a separate article.

Via ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’

Step 1- For following this step one would require two gadgets— one Mac with built-in iMessage and one standard Windows powered PC.

Step 2- Once the machines are ready, download Chrome— precisely for both the devices. In addition to that, one also needs to download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 3- Once concluded, there will be an array of instructions to look at on both the devices— allowing the PC users to enjoy iMessage on the Windows powered machine.

Note: It is important to know that the Chrome Remote Desktop is one third party getaway via which one user can access another computer— precisely using the Chrome browser. This is why it is easier to get iMessage for Chromebook. However, there will be a common code generated for both the devices and the user must enter the same correctly.

Via iPadian Emulator

Step 1- Download the free emulator and install the same on the Windows PC.

Step 2- Once installed run the emulator and readily accept the existing terms and conditions upon reading.

Step 3-  The iPadian software need to be launched and when usable type iMessage in the existing search bar.

Step 4- This application then needs to be installed over the emulator and is therefore ready to be used via the iPadian emulator.

Via Bluestacks

Step 1- Download the popular Bluestacks emulator from the official website.

Step 2- Install the same and then launch the emulator.

Step 3- Follow the same procedure as the iPadian emulator and search for iMessage from the existing list of applications.

Step 4- Download and install the same and one can then use the same via the Bluestacks emulator.

What are the Benefits Offered by iMessage for PC?

It is great to see that most PC users have the luxury of using iMessage even without the Mac or iPhone. There were times when applications like these were specifically restricted to the iPads but now we have certain strategies to use them over devices with diverse operating platforms.

The best option, however, is to make use of Chrome Remote Desktop as its compatible with Android, Linux and even the Chrome operating systems. Trust me, iMessage is one of the best messaging apps known to mankind. If this app is used, you, as a user won’t be depending on any other instant messaging option.

Lastly, iMessage leverages internet connectivity and additional charges are not levied, under any circumstances.

Bottom Line

iMessage steals the show with its wide-repertoire of functional features. Be it offering a host of messaging options or coming forth with brilliant customizations— iMessage is something that can be used across multiple platforms with ease.

In the previous sections, we learnt how to download and use iMessage for PC— regardless of the operating system on display. However, using the same via an emulator might be tricky as the application is subject to crashing at times.

Apart from that, Android users— working with smartphones and tablets can also use iMessage via a new third party option— known as the PieMessage which is also on kind of emulator and allows one to use iMessage for Android. We will be discussing about that in the subsequent articles. Till then, sit back and enjoy iMessage on Windows PC and other desktops.

Windows Store Download Games and Apps

Windows store isn’t an unknown commodity to any of us. Instead, it has been around for quite a while now. Better termed as the app store for the Windows platform, this entity is something Microsoft would be proud of— even if it hasn’t delivered the desired performances.

This app store started off with Window Server Edition 2012 and even Windows 8 where it was introduced for the first time. In simpler terms, Windows Store was meant to distribute the ‘Windows Platform’ apps across multiple channels— universally.

A lot of applications are in store at this hub regardless of the price tag. There can be free applications and even paid apps, distributed through this store. When it comes to the price point, the cheapest application retails for something around USD 0.99 and the costliest one is available for a substantial tick of USD 999.99.

When Did Windows Store Come into the Picture?

Windows Store was first unveiled on February 29th— a special date for many reasons. It was 2012, a leap year when Windows Store was launched with the Consumer Preview edition of Window 8. Since then, this app store has been a revelation of sorts— offering a lot of useful applications to work with.

Be it Windows Store for Lumia or Windows Store for PCs— there are many techniques to get the same for multiple devices, even if it doesn’t come as a built-in option.

How is Windows Store similar to Mac’s App Store and Google’s Play Store?

Similar to the app stores found over Mac OS and Google’s Android platforms, Windows Store believes in proper curation and app certifications. The applications found over this app store are perfectly checked for compatibility and even quality of content.

While the rollout started way back in 2012 with a version of Windows 8, slowly but steadily Windows Store was brought to the likes of Xbox Music, Xbox video and even the Windows ‘Phone Store’. When it comes to the sales and the price breakdown, Microsoft initially started with 30 percent fee while dripped down to 20 percent after 1st January, 2015.

How to get Windows Store on Windows 7?

It isn’t a secret that Windows Store doesn’t show up automatically on Windows 7 and some of the other low-end versions. Needless to say, this app store took form on 2012 with the launch of Windows 8 and Windows 7 was fittingly kept away.

However, there are certain techniques to get Windows Store to show up on devices running Windows 7. Here is a detailed guide to the same:

  1. Get hold of an application called ‘Pokki’ by heading over to the official website.
  2. This is one launcher that can be customized according to user preferences.
  3. Select the one that is dedicated towards Windows 7 as there is also one available for Windows 8.
  4. Once Pokki is downloaded and installed into the machine, a start menu will show up— similar to the newer versions of Windows.
  5. Once the start menu shows up look for the link that points towards the app store.
  6. While this might not be an official method to get Windows store on a device, Pokki and some other applications Ninite and AllMyApps can also help users with the same.

What are the Windows Store Updates for Windows 8.1?

Needless to say, Windows Store is still a fad when it comes to desktops with Windows 8 on them. While the metro-style applications worked as desired, Windows 8.1 did force some changes into the Windows Store. Here is a detailed analysis of the changes on offer:

  1. There is a remodeled or rather redesigned interface— adding categories like recommended, top free, paid, popular and special offers. This segregation is slightly similar to the interface found over the Play Store.
  2. The concept of automatic updates has also been added this time over.
  3. The search return list for Windows Store also changes with Windows 8.1 at the helm. While earlier 100 results were returned, users can now look at 1000 applications for any given section.

What are the Guidelines for Featuring on Windows Store?

Firstly, it is important to understand that Windows Store for Phones is slightly different than the version available for desktops. However, if you, as an app creator, are looking for feature on Windows store, you need to take care of certain guidelines for the same.

Microsoft prohibits users from showcasing any form of adult content on Windows Store. In addition to that, anything related to violence, hatred and other controversial topics are also disallowed over this app store. Microsoft also has stringent regulations for content that is threatening, derogatory, illegal and profane in nature.

If the application is already uploaded over the app store, it can still be disable or taken down completely. For the applications which have been paid for by developers, the company is expected to send out a complete refund.

How Does the Developer Portal Work on Windows Store?

The Windows store or rather Window App store for PC is pretty understanding and empathic towards the developers. While contributions are pretty easy if your application follows the guidelines, there is a specific section where developers can interact as well.

Be it gauging the app summary or the app adoption, developers can literally talk about anything. One can also discuss the app ratings and app quality in addition to spilling details about the app finance. Windows store also comes with a host of developer tools for the job— segregated under the analytics section.

Lastly, every developer gets a dedicated dashboard for the same.

How to get Windows Store on Windows 10?

While most Windows 10 PCs are now loaded with Windows Store after the update, there are some devices which haven’t yet been included. If you are experiencing the same, you can readily include Windows Store via a functional PowerShell command.

Step 1- One needs to download a specific file available from Microsoft and empty the contents in a given folder. Just make sure that a file named ‘’ is visible in the given directory—


Step 2- Head over to the PowerShell prompt and open the same as an administrator. The following command needs to be added as well—

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

When prompted, press ‘Y’ and move ahead by hitting Enter.

Step 3- Don’t exit Power Shell and type in cd C:\Users\YourUserName\Downloads

When you will be taken to the Power Shell script, replace ‘YourUserName’ in the existing command with the account username which you are logged in via the administrator account.

Step 4- Lastly, enter the following command—

.\reinstall-preinstalledApps.psl *Microsoft.WindowsStore*

Step 5- Upon using the following steps, you can easily rediscover the lost Windows Store on Windows 10. However, you need to reset the same using the following WSReset.exe. Once typed, the store cache is cleared for added functionality.

Bottom Line

Windows Store might not the be the most popular app hub out here but it still comes with a staggering list of games and applications to work with. However, games easily surpass the number of applications on offer. For applications, we have more than twenty categories to look at while there are slightly more than 15 subcategories when games are considered.


How to Install and Set Up imo for PC/windows/8/8.1/10/desktop/mac

Introduction of Imo for pc

Imo is an application that you can use to communicate wih your friends and family. It is available for mobile smartphone platforms and also for PC. Imo allows you to engage in video calls with your loved ones and your friends too. These video calls are free.

In addition to that, it allows you to chat with family and friends for free as well. Imo consumes very little data and can work on low end mobile devices too. Its low data consumption levels make it unique from the other communication applications in the market.

How does Imo work?

This application goes through the contact list in your phone and creates a brand new imo list. Through this new imo contact list, you can gain direct access to other people in your contacts who also have the application installed in their phones.

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Line messenger for pc

By clicking on a contact, you can begin a video call or chat with that person. Imo was developed by Georges and Ralph Harik who are both engineers. You can download imo for PC and enjoy these features directly from your computer. This is how to do it.

Download the Bluestacks emulator

Imo is an Android application. For it to work on your PC, you need to have an Android emulator already installed. Therefore, you can get one by navigating to and downloading the emulator software for your PC.

imo for pc downloadimo for pc download

In this webpage, there are Bluestacks emulator versions for Windows 7/8 /8.1 and Windows 10. Pick your operating system and download the appropriate version of this emulator.

Install and start the Bluestacks emulator

Navigate to the Downloads folder in your computer and double click on the Bluestacks program. This will start the installation process. After a few window prompts, it will be installed and ready to run. Start it up and navigate to its home page. After you arrive there, type ‘Imo’ and click on the button that is marked ‘Search’.

Navigate to the Google Play Store

Once you have completed the step above you will see a button that is marked ‘Search Play for imo’. Click on it. A new page will open and once it does, click on the icon that says ‘INSTALL’. This activates a quick installation of imo into your computer.

Open the app and set it up

Once the download is complete, open up the application within Bluestacks. Proceed to create a brand new account. As you do this, the application will ask you for your phone number. Enter your correct number and assign a unique and safe password to it too.

Confirmation and start up

The Imo application will take a minute to confirm the phone number that you have entered with a unique security code. This code is sent to your phone. Enter the code in the appropriate box in the imo application and verify it. After a successful verification process, you can now begin chatting in your imo account on your PC.

Alternative method

If you do not want to go through the Google Play Store to download the imo aplication, here is what to do. You can simply search the Internet until you find the imo apk file. Download it and open it through the Bluestacks emulator. From there, the steps are similar to the ones indicated above.

OkCupid Reviews : Free Online Dating app

Online dating can be tricky at times. There are quite a few dating sites available. Some of these are paid subscription websites, while some are free.

There are only a handful of free dating sites available, and OKCupid is one of the most popular, with a great reputation.

okcupid reviews

OKCupid is a fun and quirky dating site where you can meet a lot of people. Their dating pool is large since their services are excellent and everyone loves good free things.

The has a great profile and match system that allows you to search for people based on their age, where they are and what their expectations are in a relationship.

So what makes OKCupid unique?

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Every dating site has their own uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest and OKCupid is no different. So what sets OKCupid apart?

  1. · They have a fun matching system that allows you to create custom quizzes and tests in thousands of topics
  2. · They have Facebook integration. This allows OKCupid users to put their entire profile or just answer some of their quizzes on their Facebook page.
  3. · Matching of people based on their answers also extends past their dating potential. There is also the friends and enemies basis in-case you were looking for a friend or you are a superhero online looking for a nemesis.
  4. · Their stalker feature allows you to see who looked at your profile picture recently. Unlike on most of the other dating sites, this feature can be turned off.
  5. · They have this handy feature called the “FlagMod”. This allows users to have a look at other pictures that other users have deemed inappropriate or against the website terms of service, and decide whether the photos should stay or be removed.

What did we like about OKCupid?

OKCupid has a bunch of likeable things about it. First of all, it is free. This means that you access the site for free and use all the features on it without paying. It is also loads of fun and lets you filter your match search by location, preference and age.

We also liked that;

  1. · It is relatively easy to use. Signing up takes you all of 5 minutes and it is even less when you have a Facebook account.
  2. · Their privacy settings are excellent. This means you can filter what they share and your personal information is safe.
  3. · Their question matching system gives you the option of indicating how important or not that value is. This lets your potential match know how important certain things are; for example, how important it is that they must love dogs.
  4. · The profile questions and fun quizzes such as the nerd test are great ice breakers.
  5. · OKCupid have a full featured app that works well for IOS and Android.
  6. · You can personalize your searches and even add more parameters using the advanced search option
  7. · The site sometimes picks matches for you and you can see them by clicking the Quiver tab. This is fun especially if you are a risk taker. It is some sort of dating roulette
  8. · There are a lot of nifty little features that come with the site such as the option to hide people you are not attracted to so that they don’t appear in your searches again. You can also wink at people, send instant messages and the site supports anonymous browsing.

What we were not overly impressed with?

OKCupid ticks a lot of all the right boxes. However, we were not impressed with the fact that you have to pay a certain fee to remove ads, access better search options and turn off the stalker option.

Their matching system could also use a little tune up to bring it up to the sophistication and accuracy of bigger sites such as

For a free dating website however, OKCupid is actually a really solid option. It is fun and easy to use, easy to register for and allows you to integrate your Facebook.

Line for PC/Windows/8/8.1/10/Mac/Desktop

How To Install and Use Line for PC

Line is a communication application that you can install in your PC. It allows you to send messages to your loved ones for free. You can engage in unlimited one on one chats with your loved ones or even enjoy chats in groups at no cost at all.

This application also allows you to make voice and video calls to your friends and family for free. To keep things interesting, LINE has more than 10, 000 emoticons and stickers that you can use as you chat in it. We all know that sharing is caring.

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Therefore, this application allows you to share contacts, voice recordings, videos and location data with your friends and loved ones over the Internet at no cost at all. It is an ideal communication application to have in your computer. Here is how you can install line for PC and get it running now.

Set up a Line account in your smartphone

Before you can download and use LINE in your PC, you need to have an active LINE account in your smartphone.

This application is available for Android, iOS and Blackberry operating systems. Begin by downloading and installing the appropriate one for your smartphone operating system.

After that, go to your application and click on ‘Settings’. Once you do that, proceed to click on ‘Email registration’ and after entering your email address and a password, you will have a LINE account.

Installing Line in your PC

Once you have set up an account in your smartphone, open up a browser session in your computer and navigate to

After the page loads, you will see a number of posts on it. Focus on the left and you will see a link that says ‘Available on PC’. Click on this link.

line for pc

Download Line for PC

Once you click on that link, a window will open showing various download options for PC and for mobile. The PC download options are categorized according to operating system.

You will be able to see buttons that can download LINE for Mac OS X, Windows and Windows 8. Simply click on the one that shows your PC’s operating system.

Install it on your PC

After you click on the operating system of your PC, a download of the ideal LINE program for your system will begin. Simply wait for it to complete.

After it is done, navigate to your ‘Downloads folder’ and you will see the file. Just like you do for any other programs, double click on it. Pick your installation language and ‘Next’ until the official installation window opens up. Once it does, click on ‘Install’.


After the installation is complete, you can launch the LINE for PC program. You will see a window that requires you to enter your email and password.

This is similar to the prompt that you get in your smartphone LINE application. Simply enter the same details that you used to register your LINE application in the smartphone.

After you enter the email and password that you used during registration, simply click on ‘Login’. After that, you can enjoy LINE on PC.

How to install and set up Hike messenger for PC/Windows/8/8.1/10

Introduction of Hike Messenger

Hike is a new and fast growing social messaging application. There are already 34 million people using this application to send and receive messages all over the world.

hike messenger for pc

Despite its handy capability, Hike has small font. This means that it is not easy to read the messages that you send and receive. Thankfully, you can now use Hike on your PC.

This is made possible by using the Bluestacks Android emulator. Through this facility, you can chat with your family and friends in Hike through your PC.

What can you do in this application?

In this messaging application, you can send text messages, audio, emoticons, PDF files as well as video files to your family and friends. There is a hidden mode that you can use to keep your private chats discreet.

Hike allows you to change the themes of your chats such that you can set up the color that you desire. You can even send files that are as large as 100 MB for free in this application. It gives you free SMS too. In Hike, you can conduct a group conference call of up to 100 members.

While chatting on a PC, you can use a WiFi or a LAN network cable to gain access to the Internet and save money on mobile data plans. Here is how to install hike messenger for PC and proceed to use it.

Download Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator. It allows you to run Android apps in your PC. Hike is an Android application. Therefore, you need this emulator to make it work on your PC.

Begin by navigating to Once you arrive there, download the emulator version for your PC operating system.

Install Bluestacks

After the download is complete, navigate to your ‘Downloads folder’ and just double click on the Bluestacks program. This will open up the installation process just like any other program.

Navigate through the window prompts by clicking on Next and finally Install. This action will install the Bluetacks emulator in your PC.

Start Bluestacks and find the Hike Messenger application

Once the installation is complete, simply start up the program. You will see a search tool there. Type Hike Messenger in it and click on ‘Search’.

Once you do this, you will see a button that is marked ‘Search Play for hike’. Click on it and this will take you to a page where you can pick and download the Hike Messenger application.

Install Hike Messenger

When you arrive at the download page, click on ‘Install’ and the application will be readily downloaded and installed in your PC. You can then open it using the Bluestacks Android emulator program. The Hike messenger program is available for Windows XP/7/8/8.1 and 10.


If you do not want to go through the Google Play store, here is what you can do. Begin by downloading and installing Bluestacks. After that, search throuh the Internet until you find a Hike Messenger apk file. Download it. After that, navigate to your Downloads folder and open up this file using your Bluestacks emulator. This will install it in your PC and get you ready to chat in no time.

Download the Meetme apk app for android and iOS

Introduction of Meetme App

MeetMe is a new social messaging application that helps you to meet the people around you. It was formerly named MyYearbook.

The application is able to help you get in touch with the people around you who share your interests and are willing to begin chatting immediately.

meetme apk

There are more than 100 million people currently using MeetMe. It is the number 1 social application for meeting new people in the US right now.

What does this application do?

This social messaging application helps you to meet people who are in your vicinity. It has facilities through which you can get in touch with them, chat, set up meetings and a lot more.

To use this application, you can register through Facebook. You can also register directly within the application using your active email address. Once you register, you can proceed to set up your profile for other MeetMe users to see.

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You can upload your favorite photos and add descriptions of yourself too. In this way, the other users of the application can view your profile and decide if they want to learn a lot more about you.

MeetMe also gives you a newsfeed of the other users who are near you. This further assists you to find new friends who you can connect with.

How to use MeetMe and from where I can download meetme apk ?

After setting up the profile, you can begin the search for other MeetMe users who are close by. Simply look at their photos and read their profiles.

Once you do this, you can decide who you want to chat with. If you find someone who is interesting, click on their profile and begin a private chat with them.

Highly functional as a dating application, MeetMe is superb for helping you to know more people who are around you that you can have lots of fun with.

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Characteristics of the MeetMe application

MeetMe is an Android application. It requires that you have Android 2.2 or a more recent version. It is free to download. The MeetMe apk is only 31.1 MB in size. This is a compact size that does not take up a lot of memory on your phone.

This application was published on the 4th of October 2016. Its latest version is MeetMe You can download this apk from the Google Play Store. There are other independent Android application websites where you can download this application too.


This application has a number of dating games in it too. For example, MeetMe has a Blind Date game. This is where you can answer a number of questions and depending on your answers, you can be connected with a match.

In addition to that, there is an ‘Ask me’ feature. This one is where you can send questions anonymously to other users of the application. You can ask any type of questions that you want because they are not censored.

MeetMe gives you the opportunity to upgrade your profile too. This is done by accumulating Meetme credits.

You can purchase them directly or gain them by completing tasks such as logging into your profile daily or interacting with the other users on MeetMe. It is the ultimate dating and socialization application today.

Mocospace application – Discover and Meet new Friends


Mocospace is a new and unique chat application available today. It takes the concept of chat rooms and applies it in the modern era of smartphones and universally accessible connectivity.

It is a chat application that puts you in touch with literally thousands of people who are already online. There are 15 million people in MocoSpace.

mocospace app

Moreover, there are always thousands of people online at any given time. Mocospace allows you to chat with the people who are around you.

In addition to that, it allows you to send instant messages (IM) to your friends and also meet brand new ones in the chat rooms. The mocospace app is ideal for meeting new people and having lots of fun.

Its interface

MocoSpace has a clean and simple interface which has mutiple colors in it. Moreover, the buttons, profile pictures and chat spaces are placed within easy reach.

Everything is very well organized. This interface is capable of comfortably presenting a lot of information to you as the user. Once you download the application and log into MocoSpace, you are directed to a home screen.

On this screen, you can post your own picture and update your profile. In addition to that, you can view the profiles of other users in MocoSpace.

Tapping on the upper left side of the application takes you to a menu. By clicking on various options within it, you can gain access to various chat rooms, notifications and instant messages (IMs).

Overall, the interface of this application is easy to navigate and present information in an orderly way. MocoSpace also has some in-app games that you can enjoy.

How is MocoSpace unique?

The main unique feature of this application is that it combines the charm of traditional chat rooms with the excitement of modern social media plaforms.

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MocoSpace gives you access to a variety of chat rooms. They are organized according to categories. Examples of these categories are romantic preferences, ethnicity and even age.

There are very many chat rooms in MocoSpace. This is so as to appeal to a wide audience. Moreover, everyone will find a chat room where they feel comfortable and welcome.

To keep up with modern trends, MocoSpace allows you to share pictures, add new friends and send messages as well.

These activities can also be conducted from within the chat rooms. As such, it brings the feel of social media to a traditional method of online socialization.

There are interesting games that encourage interaction. For example, MocoSpace contains a game known as FriendShop. In this one, you can buy and sell other users in the social application.

There is also another game that is known as MatchMe. This one allows users to judge how attractive the other people in MocoSpace are. The games are highly addicting and fun to play.


There is no other social application that is as unique as MocoSpace. It is an ideal location for singles to meet and interact. Moreover, the sharing features make it a true social media platform while the chat rooms bring an old school feel to it.

MocoSpace is ideal for socialization today. By using a special plugin known as the Login2Info MocoSpace helper, you can effectively log into many Mocospace accounts at the same time. This helper plugin is completely free.