Line APK Download

Line APK helps us reinvent the old ways of communication. This application is certainly one of the more popular messaging and calling options over Android— allowing us to stay connected to the family and loved ones.

This rendition comes without any additional or hidden costs and offers a wide-array of exciting options for the users. Be it using the slew of built-in stickers or leveraging the unique ways of calling and messaging— Line APK delivers a stunning performance without compromising on usability.

The current user base of 600 million is growing each day and Line is readily improving its set of features and services with each update. It is only a matter of time that Line will be bringing in a plethora of convenient and intuitive features— on-board.

Features of Line APK

  • Line offers free video and voice calls, via PCs, Tablets and even Smartphones. This allows us to stay connected to our close ones, regardless of the time and distance.
  • The concept of instant messaging is intriguing enough and we can easily interact with just one tap. The GPS coordinates can easily help us determine the location of our close ones and we can ping them with pictures, stickers and even the location details.
  • The Line app is also a full-fledged social networking hub where we can post daily activities across timelines.
  • We can also make use of a feature called Group Chat which readily connects the closest of buddies in a single thread.
  • Newer expressions have now been added to the sticker store— comprising of unique and famous characters.
  • Moreover, Line offers an easy gateway to other applications, involving lifestyle and entertainment. This is turn makes our life more convenient than it actually is.
  • Cringe no more over international calls as Line apk allows us to connect with our friends and relatives— across the globe.
  • Lastly, Line is pretty regular with updates and offers us the option of following certain celebrity accounts and learning more about their personal lives.

Download Line APK v6.9.3

While the latest version of Line app offers a lot of new tweaks as compared to the predecessor, downloading the same is still pretty easy. This article comes with a working link which can be used to download 44MB worth of pure entertainment.

Line Corporation has made sure that users get the best out of this application which comes with an updated core and newer set of exciting features.

Steps to Download, Install and Use Line APK v6.9.3

  • Make sure that Android version higher than 2.2 is installed on the concerned handset.
  • Download the Line APK from the active link and the existing mirror.
  • Move the downloaded application to the SD card, select the specific location and install the same.
  • No cheat, crack or other ramifications are needed for using Line on the given device.


Line is an exciting application which lets us stay connected regardless of time zones, nationalities, countries and even international calling rates. Get this app for experiencing the best of both worlds— entertainment and connectivity.

Download Line APK

Flash APK Download

Flash APK is something Facebook would be proud of as it clones Snapchat in precisely every possible manner. Facebook has recently addressed the competition posed by some of the other social platforms with this innovation which comes with a host of dependable attributes— much like its immediate competition i.e. Snapchat.

Flash APK was initially made available in Brazil and since then it has been migrating globally. However, for those who are still looking to find dissimilarities between the two— Flash comes with an intuitive feature, allowing users to layer emojis and stickers over the text.

Upon clicking a picture using Flash, enthusiasts can layer the same with either a face-modifying filter or the concerned geotags. Other alternatives include an exclamation points, emoji stickers and a host of other options, much like Snapchat but in a far-reaching manner.

Flash App is still more of a Brazil-centric application but one can readily use the same across multiple nationalities via certain downloadable hacks. Moreover, Facebook has assured all its readers that Flash can still be used in areas where internet connectivity is an issue.

Features of Flash APK

  •  This app is excruciatingly similar to Snapchat, offering a host of features like picture messages, stories and even filters.
  • Face modifying filters are associated with this application.
  • The ‘Your Story’ option is also available with this application along with the middle-facing camera interface.
  • Other features include timed messages, face masks and video support.
  •  File size for the same is less than 25MB— 22MB to be precise.
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Download Flash APK v1.0.3

While this application was initially launched in Brazil, many users have been using the same worldwide. This app can be directly downloaded from the provided link at the bottom of this post.

However, there are a few precautions which need to be taken or else the handset will not allow you to make use of the same. The best part with Flash APK is that you as the user can log in or access the interface via Facebook.

Steps to Download, Install and Use Flash APK v1.0.3

  1. Head over to the device settings and click on Security
  2. Turn on download from Unknows Sources as the Flash APK is only brazil-centric for the given moment.
  3. Once enabled, the APK needs to be downloaded straight onto the mobile or shall be transferred if the download is initiated via a PC.
  4. As per the current scenario, you must ensure that you have an Android powered device at your disposal.
  5. Once downloaded, you can login via Facebook and start using the Flash App.


When it comes to Flash APK download, you need to be careful regarding the permissions offered by the handset to this application. Facebook was highly insecure regarding the popularity of Snapchat app and the remittance of Flash app is something the company would be proud of.