GarageBand for PC: Download the App for Mac and All Versions of Windows

GarageBand for PC is lot more than just a concept. This is one sound mixing application, initially developed by Apple. Garageband allows users to edit and create music in addition to handling associated playlists.

One must understand that GarageBand for PC isn’t an official rendition of this immensely popular app. Instead, one can modify the existing app in order to get the same installed on Windows and Mac. In this post, we talk about GarageBand and how to use the same on PCs and Mac, respectively.

Table of Contents

  1. Features of GarageBand and GarageBand for PC
  2. GarageBand for PC: Let’s talk Mac
  3. GarageBand for PC: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  4. GarageBand for PC: Using Rare
  5. GarageBand Alternatives
  6. The Wrap

Features of GarageBand and GarageBand for PC

This application has everything that feels important for changing a particular device. Besides offering music-centric facilities concerning editing and creating the same, this application is also used for mixing audio. Lastly, the interface is user-friendly and here is a detailed analysis of the associated features:

  1. When it comes to the actual purpose of GarageBand, users can create music and draft their own songs.
  2. The concept of using an external keyword via USB works like charm and one can also pair the same with a virtual keyboard.
  3. Moving on, we get a detailed guide on how to edit and even create songs— regardless of the genre.
  4. In addition to that, we get a recording feature so that enthusiastic users can record different tunes and even personal songs mainly for sharing across multiple platforms.
  5. Music is readily created and perfected in a very short span of time using GarageBand.
  6. Many audio filters are also available.
  7. The interface is exceedingly vibrant and comes with several nifty enhancements.
  8. When it comes to musical instruments, GarageBand features the likes of orchestra, keyboard, guitar, violin and a few more— strictly in terms of audio output.
  9. Lastly, this application comes free.

GarageBand for PC: Let’s talk Mac

In simpler terms, GarageBand for PC is more like a dedicated audio studio which is portable and carried around with ease. However, since this application is developed by Apple it is readily used on Mac and every other device running OS X. Needless to say, this gadget is compatible with iPhones, iPads and other concerned devices.

However, if you are looking to get a detailed take on Mac installation, we already have one listed for you:

  1. Head over to iTunes or the official website and search for GarageBand as the preferred application.
  2. Once you detect the application, download and then install the same on the Mac.

Enjoy the application without further delay.

GarageBand for PC: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

GarageBand for PC is probably the most searched concept over internet at the moment. The only reason for the craze is that this application is great to use but doesn’t support Windows, in terms of compatibility.

Here is a detailed analysis or rather a guide for helping you install GarageBand for Windows and PCs.

  1. Start by downloading Bluestacks from an official source.
  2. Once you download the app, install the same following the easy set of instructions.
  3. Open the already installed BlueStacks and access the interface— much like the one seen on your Android handset.
  4. Search GarageBand via the Playstore—accessed through the Bluestacks emulator.
  5. Once you detect the app, install the same over Bluestacks and enjoy the same.

GarageBand online access is therefore available using Bluestacks. The entire process takes somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes.

Other than Windows 10/8/7, GarageBand is also available for installation on Windows XP which is certainly a more obsolete version of this application.

GarageBand for PC: Using Rare

It is easy to download and install GarageBand using something called the Rare Software. Just head over to the official website of Rare and find the app. Rare software stores many important ad elusive application and GarageBand certainly falls in this category.

GarageBand Alternatives

There are some other music-centric applications which are alternatives to GarageBand for PC. Although GarageBand is not officially available for Windows PCs, there are the likes of MixCraft and StageLight which are usable— mainly for creating and editing stuffs.

  • Let us start with MixCraft which is a cool application and doesn’t require an emulator to work with. In terms of features, MixCraft offers way more than GarageBand. A free trial is also available but in terms of pricing, MixCraft sets us back at 90 dollars.
  • Next in line Audiotool that comes with cloud storage support.
  • Other options are Ableton and Cubase

The Wrap

Undoubtedly, GarageBand is a great application, offering some of the best features in its class. For Windows, GarageBand requires a decent version of OS— clubbed with at least 2GB of storage drive and a reliable processor. 2GB RAM is also an important requirement.

For music lovers, GarageBand for PC is a life changer. It offers a wide range of features and even supports music recording. However, if you are looking to use Bluestacks for activating the same, the app crashes far too frequently. This is where Andy- the emulator comes to the rescue.

iMessage for PC: Download and Use it on Desktops with Ease

iMessage for PC is something every desktop user can relate to. Be it using the same over Windows or adding it to any PC with Android or Linux functionality— iMessage is something that works like a charm.

Over the past few weeks, a lot of individuals have been asking about techniques to use iMessage for PC and anything that’s remotely close to being a computer. This application has been immensely popular with the Mac users and it’s no surprise that people are looking to add the same into the world of PCs.

What is iMessage for PC?

Before talking about iMessage for PC, we need to understand what the app actually is and what all it can do. In simpler terms, iMessage is one of the very few instant messaging clients dedicated towards Mac and iPhone users.

When it comes to compatibility, iMessage works on any device that offers iOS 5 and onwards or OS X Mountain Lion and the higher versions. This Apple centric product allows us to send media, texts and other information across multiple devices— just like WhatsApp and some of the other well-known clients.

Each and every message is encrypted which can then be traced backed using receipts. There is also a provision for group chat in iMessage. Usually, the messages are sent over Wi-Fi and any other form of internet connection and SMS charges aren’t levied.

When it comes to the technology, iMessage brings forth Apple’s Push Notifications via the binary protocol. Every connection comes with a code— unique to the set of devices using the same number. Encryption on the other hand is initiated via TLS technology using client-side certificate.

Why to Use iMessage for PC?

There are many reasons why one should consider using iMessage for PCs and desktops. This app is extremely functional and its association with Apple automatically makes it a force to reckon with. Here is some of the most genuine reasons for getting iMessage downloaded on a PC:

  1. Messages can be sent without costing anything as iMessage cuts out third-party avenues with precision.
  2. Everything, starting from delivery reports to receipts can be availed— making communication easier than ever.
  3. For iOS empowered devices, iMessage is built-in and PC users can therefore have glimpse of the same via their friends who own an iPhone or even a Mac.

Therefore, iPadian iMessage is something every PC user should look to have and in the subsequent sections we have detailed a few techniques for the same.

How to Get iMessage for PC?

There are a few hacks for downloading and using iMessage for Windows and other operating systems, other than Mac OS. These techniques have been tested on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 devices followed by compatibility tests on Linux. iMessage for chromebooks with also be discussed in a separate article.

Via ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’

Step 1- For following this step one would require two gadgets— one Mac with built-in iMessage and one standard Windows powered PC.

Step 2- Once the machines are ready, download Chrome— precisely for both the devices. In addition to that, one also needs to download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 3- Once concluded, there will be an array of instructions to look at on both the devices— allowing the PC users to enjoy iMessage on the Windows powered machine.

Note: It is important to know that the Chrome Remote Desktop is one third party getaway via which one user can access another computer— precisely using the Chrome browser. This is why it is easier to get iMessage for Chromebook. However, there will be a common code generated for both the devices and the user must enter the same correctly.

Via iPadian Emulator

Step 1- Download the free emulator and install the same on the Windows PC.

Step 2- Once installed run the emulator and readily accept the existing terms and conditions upon reading.

Step 3-  The iPadian software need to be launched and when usable type iMessage in the existing search bar.

Step 4- This application then needs to be installed over the emulator and is therefore ready to be used via the iPadian emulator.

Via Bluestacks

Step 1- Download the popular Bluestacks emulator from the official website.

Step 2- Install the same and then launch the emulator.

Step 3- Follow the same procedure as the iPadian emulator and search for iMessage from the existing list of applications.

Step 4- Download and install the same and one can then use the same via the Bluestacks emulator.

What are the Benefits Offered by iMessage for PC?

It is great to see that most PC users have the luxury of using iMessage even without the Mac or iPhone. There were times when applications like these were specifically restricted to the iPads but now we have certain strategies to use them over devices with diverse operating platforms.

The best option, however, is to make use of Chrome Remote Desktop as its compatible with Android, Linux and even the Chrome operating systems. Trust me, iMessage is one of the best messaging apps known to mankind. If this app is used, you, as a user won’t be depending on any other instant messaging option.

Lastly, iMessage leverages internet connectivity and additional charges are not levied, under any circumstances.

Bottom Line

iMessage steals the show with its wide-repertoire of functional features. Be it offering a host of messaging options or coming forth with brilliant customizations— iMessage is something that can be used across multiple platforms with ease.

In the previous sections, we learnt how to download and use iMessage for PC— regardless of the operating system on display. However, using the same via an emulator might be tricky as the application is subject to crashing at times.

Apart from that, Android users— working with smartphones and tablets can also use iMessage via a new third party option— known as the PieMessage which is also on kind of emulator and allows one to use iMessage for Android. We will be discussing about that in the subsequent articles. Till then, sit back and enjoy iMessage on Windows PC and other desktops.

How to Install and Set Up imo for PC/windows/8/8.1/10/desktop/mac

Introduction of Imo for pc

Imo is an application that you can use to communicate wih your friends and family. It is available for mobile smartphone platforms and also for PC. Imo allows you to engage in video calls with your loved ones and your friends too. These video calls are free.

In addition to that, it allows you to chat with family and friends for free as well. Imo consumes very little data and can work on low end mobile devices too. Its low data consumption levels make it unique from the other communication applications in the market.

How does Imo work?

This application goes through the contact list in your phone and creates a brand new imo list. Through this new imo contact list, you can gain direct access to other people in your contacts who also have the application installed in their phones.

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Line messenger for pc

By clicking on a contact, you can begin a video call or chat with that person. Imo was developed by Georges and Ralph Harik who are both engineers. You can download imo for PC and enjoy these features directly from your computer. This is how to do it.

Download the Bluestacks emulator

Imo is an Android application. For it to work on your PC, you need to have an Android emulator already installed. Therefore, you can get one by navigating to and downloading the emulator software for your PC.

imo for pc downloadimo for pc download

In this webpage, there are Bluestacks emulator versions for Windows 7/8 /8.1 and Windows 10. Pick your operating system and download the appropriate version of this emulator.

Install and start the Bluestacks emulator

Navigate to the Downloads folder in your computer and double click on the Bluestacks program. This will start the installation process. After a few window prompts, it will be installed and ready to run. Start it up and navigate to its home page. After you arrive there, type ‘Imo’ and click on the button that is marked ‘Search’.

Navigate to the Google Play Store

Once you have completed the step above you will see a button that is marked ‘Search Play for imo’. Click on it. A new page will open and once it does, click on the icon that says ‘INSTALL’. This activates a quick installation of imo into your computer.

Open the app and set it up

Once the download is complete, open up the application within Bluestacks. Proceed to create a brand new account. As you do this, the application will ask you for your phone number. Enter your correct number and assign a unique and safe password to it too.

Confirmation and start up

The Imo application will take a minute to confirm the phone number that you have entered with a unique security code. This code is sent to your phone. Enter the code in the appropriate box in the imo application and verify it. After a successful verification process, you can now begin chatting in your imo account on your PC.

Alternative method

If you do not want to go through the Google Play Store to download the imo aplication, here is what to do. You can simply search the Internet until you find the imo apk file. Download it and open it through the Bluestacks emulator. From there, the steps are similar to the ones indicated above.

Line for PC/Windows/8/8.1/10/Mac/Desktop

How To Install and Use Line for PC

Line is a communication application that you can install in your PC. It allows you to send messages to your loved ones for free. You can engage in unlimited one on one chats with your loved ones or even enjoy chats in groups at no cost at all.

This application also allows you to make voice and video calls to your friends and family for free. To keep things interesting, LINE has more than 10, 000 emoticons and stickers that you can use as you chat in it. We all know that sharing is caring.

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Therefore, this application allows you to share contacts, voice recordings, videos and location data with your friends and loved ones over the Internet at no cost at all. It is an ideal communication application to have in your computer. Here is how you can install line for PC and get it running now.

Set up a Line account in your smartphone

Before you can download and use LINE in your PC, you need to have an active LINE account in your smartphone.

This application is available for Android, iOS and Blackberry operating systems. Begin by downloading and installing the appropriate one for your smartphone operating system.

After that, go to your application and click on ‘Settings’. Once you do that, proceed to click on ‘Email registration’ and after entering your email address and a password, you will have a LINE account.

Installing Line in your PC

Once you have set up an account in your smartphone, open up a browser session in your computer and navigate to

After the page loads, you will see a number of posts on it. Focus on the left and you will see a link that says ‘Available on PC’. Click on this link.

line for pc

Download Line for PC

Once you click on that link, a window will open showing various download options for PC and for mobile. The PC download options are categorized according to operating system.

You will be able to see buttons that can download LINE for Mac OS X, Windows and Windows 8. Simply click on the one that shows your PC’s operating system.

Install it on your PC

After you click on the operating system of your PC, a download of the ideal LINE program for your system will begin. Simply wait for it to complete.

After it is done, navigate to your ‘Downloads folder’ and you will see the file. Just like you do for any other programs, double click on it. Pick your installation language and ‘Next’ until the official installation window opens up. Once it does, click on ‘Install’.


After the installation is complete, you can launch the LINE for PC program. You will see a window that requires you to enter your email and password.

This is similar to the prompt that you get in your smartphone LINE application. Simply enter the same details that you used to register your LINE application in the smartphone.

After you enter the email and password that you used during registration, simply click on ‘Login’. After that, you can enjoy LINE on PC.

How to install and set up Hike messenger for PC/Windows/8/8.1/10

Introduction of Hike Messenger

Hike is a new and fast growing social messaging application. There are already 34 million people using this application to send and receive messages all over the world.

hike messenger for pc

Despite its handy capability, Hike has small font. This means that it is not easy to read the messages that you send and receive. Thankfully, you can now use Hike on your PC.

This is made possible by using the Bluestacks Android emulator. Through this facility, you can chat with your family and friends in Hike through your PC.

What can you do in this application?

In this messaging application, you can send text messages, audio, emoticons, PDF files as well as video files to your family and friends. There is a hidden mode that you can use to keep your private chats discreet.

Hike allows you to change the themes of your chats such that you can set up the color that you desire. You can even send files that are as large as 100 MB for free in this application. It gives you free SMS too. In Hike, you can conduct a group conference call of up to 100 members.

While chatting on a PC, you can use a WiFi or a LAN network cable to gain access to the Internet and save money on mobile data plans. Here is how to install hike messenger for PC and proceed to use it.

Download Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator. It allows you to run Android apps in your PC. Hike is an Android application. Therefore, you need this emulator to make it work on your PC.

Begin by navigating to Once you arrive there, download the emulator version for your PC operating system.

Install Bluestacks

After the download is complete, navigate to your ‘Downloads folder’ and just double click on the Bluestacks program. This will open up the installation process just like any other program.

Navigate through the window prompts by clicking on Next and finally Install. This action will install the Bluetacks emulator in your PC.

Start Bluestacks and find the Hike Messenger application

Once the installation is complete, simply start up the program. You will see a search tool there. Type Hike Messenger in it and click on ‘Search’.

Once you do this, you will see a button that is marked ‘Search Play for hike’. Click on it and this will take you to a page where you can pick and download the Hike Messenger application.

Install Hike Messenger

When you arrive at the download page, click on ‘Install’ and the application will be readily downloaded and installed in your PC. You can then open it using the Bluestacks Android emulator program. The Hike messenger program is available for Windows XP/7/8/8.1 and 10.


If you do not want to go through the Google Play store, here is what you can do. Begin by downloading and installing Bluestacks. After that, search throuh the Internet until you find a Hike Messenger apk file. Download it. After that, navigate to your Downloads folder and open up this file using your Bluestacks emulator. This will install it in your PC and get you ready to chat in no time.