Play Store Download Free

Play Store Download Free :

A huge software market can be accessed from an app called Google Play Store that is definitely one of the largest repository of e-products like games, music, e-books, e-magazines, TV shows etc. apps or Applications as they are called are very popular.

You can download and use most of them for free from Google Play Store. Google’s Android operating system can be used to download and run them on mobile devices.

An app on its own in the Google Play Store comes preinstalled when you purchase a mobile device with Android Operating system but as we will explore in some cases you get a mobile device without Play Store app.

A software called “BlueStacks” can be used to download and run these apps on PCs if you do not fancy a mobile device installed with Android.

There is other software also that may allow you to run Android apps direct from your PC. All the apps on Google Play Store has the apk as their file extension.

Many people think that Google Play Store and other Android apps only run on Android only but there are ways to run these apps on almost any kind of device like Blueberry phones, iPhone.

You can even run on PC as mentioned above. You just need to go through some procedures and install certain software.

Digital Security Certificate for Play Store

These days Play Store comes built in with android based mobile devices like smartphones and tablets but many users want to get it to misuse the Play Store mostly to crack paid Android apps.

This is the reason why Google introduced a digital security certificate. This digital security certificate is required to be present on a genuine mobile device in order to download Play Store which is free.

This certificate provides little or no protection because there are a number of ways to circumvent this security mechanism.

Most of the devices that hackers use and many Chinese clones of these devices do not have this protection by certificates but as said before there are ways around it to download Play Store and other apps on these devices.

Your Android Version

Google Play Store can only be download on Android devices that has Android version of 2.3 or above. If you need to check the version of your Android device go to

Settings > About the phone section> and find the version there(Settings has a gear like icon).

Security for Play store

There are thousands of websites where you can download the Play Store but you should go only to trusted sites to download Play Store or any other app for that matter because there many sites that have .apk files of apps that are deliberately loaded with viruses that can harm your mobile devices just to fulfill the mischief of some hacker or his ingeniousness to steal sensitive information or data.

This is striking when statistics shows that as much as 50% of people who shop on the net use mobile devices and these users are open targets to these hackers if they do not know where the software on their mobile devices is coming from.

Play Store Download Your doorway to Other Apps

As mentioned before the Play Store comes downloaded and installed with all the new smartphones unless you buy a Chinese, Asian or other cheap clones for some reason.

These phones do not have the Google digital security certificate installed on them. As mentioned earlier that Play Store is a type of Google app and just like other Google Android apps it has a file extension of apk.

It is your doorway to download other apps that may serve as a fulfillment of your educational and entertainment needs. The Android smartphones usually come preloaded with other apps also so you do not have to download them.

Apps like gmail to send or check your emails on your smartphone or hangout app to do chatting and video conferencing. There may be a bunch of games also like fruit ninja and angry birds. But if you want more apps you just need an Internet connection and Play Store.

Play Store Installation on Your Smartphone

If you do not have Play Store on your smartphone you can take the following steps to install it downloading it on your PC and then transferring it your mobile device with Android.

  1. First check and confirm (as shown above) that your smartphone has the Android version 2.3 or above.
  2. Clicke here com-android-vending_7-0-12-h-all_0_-80701200_minapi14nodpi_apkmirror-com
  3. If you have downloaded this app on a computer than you will see these three letters written after your app’s name. These three letters will be apk after a dot. This means that it is an Android file and will not run on your PC. Use a usb be cable to transfer the file from your PC to your Android smartphone.
  4. You need to do one setting change in your mobile phone (or smartphone whatever you prefer to call it). Go to settings and then tap on “security” and then check this option there “Allow to install apps from unknown sources”.
  5. Now just tap on the apk file for Play Store you downloaded from you PC.
  6. Enjoy it.

Troubleshooting for Google Play Store

As mentioned before Google Play Store is a crucial app with a service that makes the access to millions of apps easy for you on your smartphone and on other mobile devices.

But like other software you may occasionally run into problems with it. Fortunately, there is a very simple procedure that can allow you to fix problems and you do not have to reinstall the app.

  1. Go to “Settings” then tap on “App”. (Settings has a gear like icon)
  2. Scroll down to “Google Play Store” app, tap it and then tap “clear cache”.
  3. Do the same procedure to “Google play services”.

This will fix most of the problems that you may encounter with Google paly store.

What are Kik Codes and what can you do with them?

Recently, Kik introduced new Kik codes. These are nothing but QR codes which you can scan and add friends. All the Kik users have a unique Kik code. So if you don’t know yours, it’s time to open your app and find out your unique Kik code. These days, times are changing fast and hence, people do not have much time to search a particular user. With the introduction of Kik codes, all you have to do is scan other person’s Kik code and then send them a message instantly. It is that simple.

kik codes

The good thing about the Kik codes is that they also work with groups. This means that you can just scan a Kik code to join a particular group. Also, you just show your group’s Kik code to a friend nearby. This way, they can directly scan the code and join the group instead of searching the group by the name.

How to See your Own Kik Code

There are many Kik users who still aren’t aware of this awesome feature. Each Kik user has a unique Kik code that belongs to him/her. If you want to see your own Kik code, follow the below steps.

  1. First of all, go to the Settings in your Kik app.
  2. Then, you would see an option called “Your Kik Code”. Just tap on this and you would see your own Kik code.

How to Scan a Friend’s Kik Code

Scanning a friend’s Kik code is also very easy. All you have to do is follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Settings in your Kik app.
  2. Then, find out your own Kik code by tapping on the “Your Kik Code” option.
  3. You would have an option to switch to the “Camera” button at the bottom. Do that so that your camera gets turned on.
  4. Then, just hover your camera over your friend’s Kik code. Make sure that your friend has opened his/her Kik code by following the steps listed above.
  5. The camera would automatically then scan the Kik code of your friend’s Kik.

How to Share a Group Kik Code

Sharing a group Kik code is similar to sharing an individual’s Kik code. Follow the below steps to share your group‘s Kik code with your friends.

  1. First of all, go to the group chat and just open the chat.
  2. You would see the group name on the top of the chat. There, you would see an icon labelled as “>”. Tap besides it.
  3. After that, you would see an option called “Show Kik code”. Tap on it.
  4. Once the Kik code gets opened, you would see an option to Share it just besides it. Click on it and you are done.

As a general tip, instead of searching a group by the group name, you should always join it by using the Kik code if it is possible. This would eliminate any possibility of you joining the wrong group. Also, it would save your time and effort on a large scale. You can get straight into the chat just by the scanning the Kik code by the built in scanner of the app.

Some Tips for Using Kik Codes

  1. And amazing thing about the Kik codes is that you can change the background color of the Kik codes by tapping on it. So, when you are sharing yours, make sure that you change the color first.
  2. Kik codes can also be used to get connected to Kik bots. So, imagine yourself in such a situation where you are at a restaurant and you want to find out the discounts and promotional vouchers available. You can just connect to the Kik bot at the restaurant and immediately, you would receive all the vouchers in your device.
  3. Kik codes are definitely cooler than the Kik usernames. If you don’t want to reveal your username to the world but you definitely want to add more friends over Kik, you can just share your Kik code. This way, only those friends would be able to connect to you who already have Kik installed on their devices. And the other friends would not come to know about your username.
  4. When you add someone using Kik codes, they would add back you too. This means that you would not need to ask the other person to search you by your username and then add you back.
  5. Kik codes are based on locations as well. The QR codes contain a lot more data than you can think of. For example, the Kik bots would know at what time and at what location the code was scanned. This would help you to get information about your surroundings.

Let us know your opinion on the Kik codes in the comments section below.